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Sometimes people look for champions … for rebels who see them, or at least touch their anger. And suddenly people who have been absent from the political spotlight assume centre stage in unexpected ways. But is the moment fleeting, or is their shout-out a pivot point?

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Arguably there have been several seminal pivot points for western democracies in the last 70 years. After two World Wars and a Depression, social democracies embraced a political agenda that put people and their collective aspirations at its heart. A social compact with capital was forged that promised shared prosperity, full employment and a properly funded welfare state. An extraordinarily short pivot of just a few years stormed the Australian polity with the Whitlam government in the early s. I remember attending a function where a whole raft of ALP members were being recognised for their year party membership.

Without fail they talked of the excitement of that period: new thinking; embracing people focussed change such as healthcare, education, family law, urban planning. That is what drew them into political activism. Money, not people, was at the heart of their story. Then, in , we saw the ultimate failing of that neoliberal economic contract—a contract that had mandated a reduced role for government in stabilising markets and increased freedoms for capital to operate at will.

Ever since, millions of people across western democracies have paid the price—jobs cut, homes repossessed, savings gutted, retirement deferred. As tax payers bailed out business, an acceleration of the wealth transfer from workers to capital proceeded. This pivot point is particularly important because, instead of becoming a pivot point of resistance and rebalancing, it has actually seen governments deepening their commitment to a failed strategy.

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But perhaps the biggest loser from the last few decades has been democracy itself. Understanding this is key to us organising for the next pivot point. I would argue that social democratic parties giving primacy to their partnership with capital over the last 40 years has fundamentally weakened core tenets of what makes for a healthy mass democracy.

People saw political leaders and social democratic parties morph into economic managers rather than political champions of the public interest. Not only was the supposed level playing field tilted to the capital class, but the playing field itself became harder to find. The previous rules of the system were clear—distribution got decided with employers at the bargaining table, and with political parties at the ballot box. But this period saw decision-making shifted to new arenas: the finance sector, global corporations, ratings agencies, Corporate Social Responsibility CSR policies—places and processes in which workers and citizens had few rights or pathways.

Unions, instead of being seen as social partners in the raising of standards, became the enemy. Governments did the bidding of business, erecting barriers to workers organising, bargaining, taking action and having their say. Union density took a hit; bosses were ascendant. At the same time as union solidarity was being attacked, so too was the capacity of civil society to organise and advocate.

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Bearing witness and speaking out became seen by political leaders as treason rather than civic duty. Personal effort and merit became the new gospels. People became responsible for themselves. The personal replaced the systemic. Fault replaced chance. People were partitioned; issues individualised. What happened to society? It was all about the individual:.

There is no such thing! Life was no longer a shared endeavour but a lonely solo crossing. Fundamental issues of distribution were personalised and, in so doing, de-politicised. National security aside, it hardly makes any difference who will be the next president. The world is governed by market forces. Ideally, we need active government engagement to lead the discussion about the future—about the threats and opportunities automation presents. This is a critical pivot point for democracy—it can remain the friend of business and leave its citizens to battle on or it can refocus on its purpose:.

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Even assuming the political will exists, is there the capacity to push capital back into its box? Particularly given:. But a community facing a radical assault on their lives and livelihoods, given the opportunity and support to rediscover their agency, could do so to great effect.

YourRights Work in was a seminal lesson for me. Yes, many workers and their communities galvanised around a message of rights and solidarity, but the most compelling voice was in support of young workers. Core to this mix was a decent job. They tend to be the same people who tell us not to worry, that these disruptions have some inbuilt equilibrium that will sort itself out … eventually.

But it is true that there are a lot of unknowns when it comes to this debate. So, what do we know? It is this transition from muscle to mind replacement that makes this technological change so impactful.

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We know the rate of change is accelerating—and its pathway is exponential rather than linear. While regulators try to deal with Uber drivers, Uber is already trialling driverless cars. Experience to date also suggests that these mega businesses will attract the investment dollar over plant-and-people businesses. These businesses tend to favour tax havens over tax payments. And they already control key parts of the democratic commons. Studies show more than a third never worked again.

Every day, rain or shine, is just right. Just the way we like it. Beyond Ecuador, you'll find these perfect-weather destinations all through the tropics.

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In the western hemisphere, follow the spine of mountains that cuts through the western U. Colombia , Ecuador, Peru. An added bonus of living on the equator is that the sun comes up every morning at 6 a. It can take some getting used to, but once you do, it just feels right. Frankly, we don't know. When you're unencumbered by the threat of bone-chilling cold and ice or dangerous heat not to mention destructive storms and all the necessary preparations that go with vast seasonal changes, your quality of life is so much more peaceful and relaxed.

The weather where we live is so good Ecuador as is the rest of Latin America, in fact is a Spanish-speaking country. The government is based on democratic socialism. And you can't get most important things done with just a phone call or the click of a mouse And there are some products we can't always get.

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We make our own sour cream, for instance. But if those aren't deal-breakers for you, then the weather here Because if you have great weather , everything else is just that much better. US Edition U. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes.

Where the Weather Suits My Clothes

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