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Instead, They are the mindful ones, carefully influencing creatures like Man onwards and upwards, up towards his highest potential that is but a flicker of an idea in the long distant future. This epic series holds up a hope that we are not alone, promising purpose and direction are at the heart of all that we do, even when we stray far from the path where true greatness lies.

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Pieces fall into place, and they realise that they, and others, were a part of an organisation dedicated to containing the occult and defending the innocent, the Grimmery. The book of wisdom and magic the Grimmery was based on is missing. And, as they do, will they like what they were, or will they choose to keep their new selves? March 15, at am. Jo is female, but her tribe made her officially a man so she could train as a warrior. March 24, at am.

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January 8, at am. Tara Maya. Dindi dreams of becoming joining the secret society of Tavaedies, powerful warrior-dancers. The problem? Her grandmother died trying. But Dindi has a plan…. Every head in the square was riveted on the Tavaedies. Drum, rattle, and flute flared into dramatic music. The masked men and women leaped into motion. Occasionally, to emphasize the moves, the dancers chanted or shouted as well.

RENEGADES l Book Review.

Dancing wove magic. Some ritual dances, or tama, ensured bounty, others averted drought. This tama, Massacre of the Aelfae, recalled history. The Tavaedies only performed it once a year, and as a child, it had been her favorite—until she understood what it was really about. The dance showed a clan of Aelfae, the high faery folk who had lived in the Corn Hills before humans came. High fae were not like low fae, pixies and brownies and sprites and such, but possessed grace and grandeur beyond anything human.

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The two sides began to mock-fight. The humans began to slaughter the Aelfae. None escaped the humans. While they danced, Dindi reproduced tiny imitation movements with her hands and feet—nothing noticeable to anyone watching her—to help her commit the steps to memory so she could practice them on her own later. At first, when Dindi had started observing the dances with the object of learning them, she had missed most of the steps. Every moon, she noticed more. January 8, at pm. Two other works will be showing up within the next couple of months, one about an elevator that slips through a dimensional rift and the other is an art deco inspired steampunk gangster mash-up with psychopaths and speakeasies.

January 22, at pm. According to Rayea, the oldest daughter of Satan, the origin of vampires started in Hell, and it started with her. This is the story of another Earth, devoid of humankind. In a small island country, eight sentient mammal species are in constant conflict. Some measure of peace is kept by banishing those who go against their species to an uncharted forest. January 14, at pm. But when Thalia becomes more than an observer, the Fates take notice. The Fates want to know. The complete first volume, A Snag in the Tapestry, is online, as well as three bonus stories.

The second volume is coming Spring You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson. Subscribe to feed. More Web Fiction. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

Like this: Like Loading Read the complete novel — ebook or paperback Download Union of Renegades free in multiple ebook formats at Brave Luck Books and find out what happens next. Bookmark or share this fantasy novel Share. If you want to share the novel, please direct people to this website or to www. January 29, at am Dash. The year is All over England, the children are going missing. The Seekers are active again. January 31, at pm Bill Smith. January 31, at pm MeiLin Miranda.

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February 5, at pm Ace. Hi Tracy! They have the skill.

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They have the will. And they have the bad habit of getting in over their heads. But they always get the job done. Their way. Heaven help Bay City… New installments every Monday. February 8, at am Allan T Michaels.

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An Empire of Law At the intersection of Law and Power, an attack on the Emperor leads to the oppression of an unpopular minority. February 8, at am EJ Spurrell. But how well can a small town of eight thousand hold back the furies of the Pactlands? This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a whimper. This is the world of Persephone. February 8, at pm MM. February 9, at am Melanie. Hi Tracy, thanks for offering this links page! Updates three times a week. Main story complete — spin-off shorts going up monthly.

February 10, at am Clare K. February 10, at am Grant. Hey guyths. It has talking animals. Give it a shot! February 11, at am Lizzy. Updates Mondays! Check it out. February 13, at pm Becky. Dragon Wars is a young adult fantasy serial. Updates Mondays and Fridays Dragon Wars. February 20, at pm Tracy Falbe. Arcana Magi Universe are a couple of fantasy stories set in Alternate Universes. February 21, at am Kristina Tracer. February 22, at am Stephen Meakin. March 3, at pm Elizabeth May. The author displayed great world building skills, yet the dialogue seemed rather abrupt to me at times.

Often the characters were thinking, making observations or decisions, yet I felt there was little or no indication of how they came to those conclusions. In conjunction with that, there was far more telling than showing which would have benefited the clear direction of the rest of the story line. When I'm reading, it's important for me to be able to relate to the characters in some way, to their personalities, emotions or realities, and through their relation to others in the story I can gain further insight to care about them, want them to succeed or overcome their difficulties.

Miranda, a runaway slave, and Dreibrand, a runaway lieutenant both were challenges for me as I felt their actions and behavior sometimes didn't seem to meet the demands of the situation or reflect what I'd learned of their histories. When the rys kingdom and characters were introduced I found myself wanting more insight into the people themselves. I particularly enjoyed the finely detailed settings in which the author placed their characters and scenes. The narrative really flowed, and there was good pacing, there was always something new happening.

I really wanted to like this book, as epic and high fantasy is one of my favorite genres, I just think this could really have benefited from streamlining too much extra information and focusing on the main character's roles, as the the secondary ones were more outstanding for me. There are three books which followed in the series: The Goddess Queen, Book 2, Judgement Rising, Book 3, and The Borderlands of Power, Book 4, I would be certain the author added to her characters so that they matched their very believable and well drawn environments.

May 11, Celia rated it liked it Shelves: celia-can-read. Storyline: Union of Renegades by Tracey Falbe is an epic fantasy of ancient empires clashing with new and the desire to discover new worlds and overcome the past. Dreibrand is an officer in the elite military of the Atrophane army. Dreibrand decides to take contro Storyline: Union of Renegades by Tracey Falbe is an epic fantasy of ancient empires clashing with new and the desire to discover new worlds and overcome the past.

Dreibrand decides to take control of his own destiny and plunges into the Wilderness alone. She makes a daring escape with her two children in tow. In the woods, Miranda and Dreibrand are thrown together — each relying on the other to make it through the wilds only to find a much greater danger unknown to the rest of the world awaits them on the other side.

Can Miranda and Driebrand work together to survive the Wilderness? Will they be able to overcome the evil sorceress before she destroys their homelands and makes all of mankind kneel before her? A thorough read through by a beta reader would probably take care of these issues. Character Development: Shan, the Rys sorcerer, is a creature with great power and must learn to control himself and do the right thing. As much as Shan believes that he is strong enough to fight the evil Rys, Onja, he still struggles with the doubts and disbelief of his own supporters.

Writing Style: Ms.

Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I

Falbe has done a remarkable job creating a brand new world and a race of creatures that would transfer very well to the big screen. The details that she includes and depths that she is able to plumb are impressive. At times, I did feel as if the book slowed down to a crawl. If she were to shorten the book, maybe thin it out a bit, the storyline would move a bit faster. Continuity: No issues with continuity. Romance, adventure, magic, action! Sep 22, Steven Turner rated it really liked it. It truly has the beginnings of a masterpiece in the epic fantasy genre.

He desires greatly to be included in the party sent Union of Renegades: Book 1 of the Rys Chronicles is a wonderful debut book by Tracy Falbe. He desires greatly to be included in the party sent to explore the unknown area called The Wilderness. He believes this to be his best chance at the fame and prestige associated with the conquering of the unknown place.

He is ordered by Kwan to accompany the chattel and plunder back to Atrophane. He is angered and goaded into making several poor decisions which result in his running away. During this time he meets an unlikely companion in Miranda and her children. She remedies this situation and then flees, where she meets Dreibrand.

Through a series of heart wrenching situations they meet Queen Onja of the Rys and then ally themselves with Shan, a Rys who plans to challenge Onja to the throne. The creation of the Rys culture and history is well thought out and detailed in a wonderful way. The characters are well written and you find yourself really connecting with them.

There is just enough magic from the most powerful Rys Onja and Shan that kind of puts you in awe of them but not so much that it become mundane and common. This is a different world that is easy to find yourself lost in. You want to find out more. You want to experience more. There are and have been many great fantasy writers and Tracy Falbe is well on her way to having her name mentioned with all of them. If you are a fantasy junkie like me this one must be on your to be read list.

May 04, Mirella rated it really liked it. Dreibrand Veta is a skilled warrior from an impoverished and disgraced noble family. Angered by the actions of his military leader, Dreibrand rides off into an unexplored wilderness, hoping to gain wealth and fame by his discoveries of this new world.

Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I

Alone and vulnerable, he encounters Miranda, a woman with two children who have fled the beatings of a cruel and abusive slave master. In this secret land, Queen Onja reigns as supreme goddess of the Rys. Her powers are far reaching. She can enter t Dreibrand Veta is a skilled warrior from an impoverished and disgraced noble family. She can enter the mind of her subjects and enemies, controlling them at her whim. Shan is a spellcaster with magical powers that rival those of Queen Onja's.

Although he is her most respected advisor, he becomes disenchanted with her degrading cruelty. For years he has awaited to usurp her throne in order to save the kingdom. When Onja steals Miranda's children and leaves her to freeze to death on a glacier, Shan rises to action. Together with Dreibrand, they rescue Miranda. Shan plans his rebellion and the three set out to convince the leaders of other Rys tribes to join them in rebellion against Onja.

This book was a very pleasant surprise, gripping me from its first few chapters. The three dimensional characters were intriguing and believable. Thrust into impossible situations, their personalities developed as the story evolved, soliciting sympathy from the reader for their individual plights.


Tracy Falbe has created a credible fantasy world filled with conflict and danger. The story was easy to follow and most enjoyable. The author's lovely writing style allowed the story to unfold seamlessly and at a good pace. As I got further into the story, I could not help but feel as if I was deeply involved with the characters and their plight.

Union of Renegades is the first book in the Rys Chronicles. I read all of it. It took me a month. Every word was worth it! The story starts off with an interesting premise; that of warrior-general Dreibrand, of the conquering Atrophane army. He yearns to explore the Wilderness, an exotic and unknown land to the West. But he is of a family cast into disrepute, and has to work hard to win the favour of Hordemaster Kwan, his superior. The other main character was Miranda.

I found her story strangely and unexpectedly compelling; beaten and oppressed by her petty, but physically intimidating, partner who is intent on using her to put coins in his pocket. The beginning of the story certainly piqued my interest, and had enough elements to prod my curiosity. After having been unable to stop reading this well-crafted and weaved story with multiple character viewpoints, I was really looking forward to some action. The build-up was great and certainly intriguing, but I wanted to be rewarded. And alas, I was. But unfortunately the reader feels they must read the next book to learn more about the characters, which made this technique a double-edged sword.

There were a few spelling and grammatical mistakes in this book, which intensified just before the middle, I think, but they did ease up for the second half of the story. Overall this story is a pleasant world to be immersed in, and a thoroughly enjoyable read. As it happens, this isn't it for me. Now this isn't a "bad" book. It has a lot of good qualities.

The world is fairly interesting, if simple humans in the east meet non-humans in the west who are ruled by their ancient and evil queen who has subjugated her own non-human people plus the human tribes on that side of the world. The story is fairly interesting, if a bit slow developing in places. The characters are well developed but more on that. What I didn't care for: The dialogue was a bit flat and uninspired it didn't "feel" realistic. The main problem I had with the book was initially hard to put my finger on.

Eventually I realized what it was I don't mean the characters were described in a stupid way by the author. Throughout the entire book, the major and minor characters repeatedly do dumb things, in dumb ways, for dumb reasons. When they aren't adding 2 and 2 and getting three as their decision-making process, they are simply reacting emotionally.

Honestly, to this reader it increasingly became apparent that there was no one in the book with whom I could even begin to identify or empathize nor was there ever likely to be in any subsequent book. I've heard of "dumbing-down" language, sentence structure, and even plots in order to appeal to certain audiences. In this book, while it may not have been intentional, I felt like the characters themselves were literally "dumbed-down". Jul 08, Grace Krispy rated it liked it. Tracy Falbe has created a magical landscape that comes to life.

The hierarchical structure is fascinating, and I find the dynamics between the people who populate this world quite interesting. There are several different races of people in this book, and I felt like I had a good feel for the spoken and unspoken rules of each culture. I think this author did a great job with description and creation of this world, bu Tracy Falbe has created a magical landscape that comes to life. I think this author did a great job with description and creation of this world, but the dialogue between the individual characters felt flat.

The book is a touch lengthy and builds slowly. It was an interesting read the entire way through, but, by the end, I could hardly remember where we had started. This first book in the Rys Chronicles establishes the world and the battle to be fought, and it sets up expectations for the following book. There is plenty of action and some romance interspersed throughout the tale, and the book prepares the reader for the next adventure in the series. There were a noticeable number of minor typos in my copy of the book. Some sentences and phrases flowed beautifully while others were a little awkward and somewhat ambiguous.

Add in the wonderfully crafted world in contrast to the flat dialogue, and the writing style feels somewhat inconsistent. Overall, the story is very engaging and, typos aside, makes for a very good start to what's sure to be an intriguing fantasy series. If you're a fan of epic fantasy, this book will offer you a glimpse into a riveting world and provide you with the start to what's sure to be an adventure of a lifetime. Oct 05, Robert Wilson rated it it was amazing. I have read all four of Tracy Falbe's "The Rys Chronicals" novels and found them to each be captivating and compelling -- to the point that I neglected my own novel writing, so that I could finish reading hers.

From Falbe's fertile imagination springs a graphically depicted magical world that draws the reader in and refuses to let them go! Most of all, I enjoyed her fantastic characters: as a published author I read a lot of fiction and find that most characters are soon forgotten in the jumble. This is definitely not the case in this series: Falbe's characters were totally beleivable as they exposed their raw feelings and their all-to-human [or Rys] flaws, living though and champoning over many adversities. More than any writer I have recently read, I felt that Falbe's characters became my intimate friends and I was deeply sadened to finally finish the series.

But I am encouraged to see that the first volumen of a new Rys series has just been published. It is alrady on the top of my To Read List! Apr 11, Cathy rated it liked it Shelves: goodreads. I received this book from a Goodreads drawing. I found this book to be very long but well written. It was easy visualizing the scenes, characters, and places. The story is complex with many challenges for the main characters to overcome. The male lead is likable but I found the female counterpart too self centered and selfish when dealing with the fate of the world and the customs of the tribe which has been very hospitable to her.