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Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Ghost Ranger by Dayne Edmondson. My name is Rachel. I died and rose again. The out My name is Rachel. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Ghost Ranger , please sign up.

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 21, Meenaz Lodhi rated it it was amazing. The plot unravels bit by bit, building towards a powerful crescendo. This story has it all, human treason, conspiracies at high government and military level, astounding power discoveries, moral and ethical aspects abound, great battle scenes and terrifying scenarios. I was captivated from the beginning. A great, promising series!

I received an early version of this book from the publisher and my review is entirely voluntary. View 2 comments. Mar 20, Topsues rated it really liked it. How would you cope with dying, suddenly becoming a ghost and an undead person with mage abilities, then suddenly going through military training to get into the rangers?

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I never questioned The world I was transported to or the storyline as I became lost in the characters lives and struggles. It is a book that captivated my imagination and completely entertained me from start to finish. There was so many threads that was pulled together, then altered in shape by then turning them in opposite directions nearly giving you whiplash at the constant turn of events.

I always mention the authors ability with realism in storylines because to me without that connection with the Characters, I loose interest very quickly. However Dayne Edmondson excelled at this part in this storyline , It was this that kept me turning the pages and reading late into the night. This book has so many aspects of genres with its Sc-Fi, fantasy, zombies and action packed scenes making the originality refreshing.

I would definitely recommend this book to any lover of the above mentioned genres, or anyone that is considering another genre to explore. Mar 25, Jackie rated it it was amazing. Rachel was just a typical teenage girl.

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After dying she turns into something unbelievable. First in this series and definitely ready for more. Mar 26, Saundra Wright rated it it was amazing.

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Mixing Magic and science with wonderful adventure and drama, it is an easy book to fall into; much harder to put down. Rachel was a typical seventeen year old. She had two really good friends at school. Even though her mother had died when she was very young, Rachel had an attentive and loving father. Until the day her world was turned upside down, the day she died.

Something strange is happening in school. People are becoming ill and acting crazy. The infected attack everyone else. With the help of one of her best friends, Isabelle, Rachel gets away from school and makes it home to her father. In the scuffle at school as she tried to get to safety, Rachel is scratched. There is no cure for this ailment that has popped up all over the planet. Rachel awakens to a totally different world. She is aboard a ship and one of the newly undead. She finds no one in her life is who she thought they were. Will Rachel be able to come to terms with her undead life?

Where can she go from here? Do the undead go to school with the unafflicted? What does the future hold in store, not only for Rachel, but all the millions of other undead on her home planet?

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And if you choose a spinning black hole with a donut-shaped singularity, you could, according to some theoretical physicists, actually fall through it and into a completely different universe from the one you traveled from on the other side. That means the lifespan of our universe will play out normally on the outside as you fall through this black hole and into this potential other space-time.

Neutrinos were predicted by scientists in , but it would take another 26 years to officially discover them. Once neutrinos are born, they immediately escape into space and travel throughout the universe. According to Tyson, 65 billion neutrinos billion…with a b pass through every square centimeter of our skin, every second of every day. They have no charge, almost no mass, and they move close to the speed of light. What if—untold billions of years ago—Mars was an oasis? It turns out that plenty of Martian rocks have made the long journey to Earth after meteors collided with the Red Planet.

If microorganisms managed to stow away on those rocks and survive the journey, they could potentially have seeded life on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago, leading to our current form. Though it sounds like something out of a science-fiction movie, the theory that Earth was first populated by microorganisms from outer space, called Panspermia, has its supporters in the scientific community.

The other 96 percent? Tyson points out that scientists have calculated that 70 percent of the universe is comprised of dark energy—the mysterious form of energy that virtually permeates space and is responsible for the accelerated expansion of our universe. Outside of that, not a whole lot of concrete data on dark energy exists. The other mysterious 26 percent of the universe is made up of dark matter. Those two factors—dark matter and dark energy—are the driving forces of the universe. Zombies may very rarely "dodge" melee attacks by leaning out of the way slightly, and some have been observed holding up their arms to likewise block attacks.

Milton Mamet once stated that zombies do starve, but "slower" than humans. Zombies have the ability to detect scents and can differentiate between the living and the dead; they prefer to feed on living flesh. Covering one's self in the scent of decay can act as a camouflage. They can also use sight to distinguish the living from the dead, although they seem to have poor eyesight as their irises fade and decay over time. They make up for this with heightened senses of hearing and smell.

5. Kings of Space by Capt WE Johns

Darkness seems to have little effect on zombies' senses at close range, and in areas devoid of light they can still find their way around as they would in the day. Individual zombie strength depends on the physical makeup of the individual and on how long they have been reanimated.

Zombies have been shown to be able to rip open human and animal victims with ease, and they can even rip off human limbs with enough force.

As zombies decay, however, their muscles, and consequently, their entire body, becomes slowly, but surely, weaker. Zombies feel no pain. Although slow and seemingly unintelligent when not active, they can react quickly to sufficient stimulation, and can rapidly overpower a victim they have taken by surprise. Though their bodies are no more or less durable than a non-decomposed human body, they can absorb all manner of physical damage, even when badly decomposed.

Anything other than a head attack, spinal cord severing, or dismemberment leaves them seemingly unfazed. As long as their brain remains intact, everything that is attached to the brain can continue to function as normal, even if only the skull remains and is severed from the body. Other than a mostly intact brain, zombies don't appear to require any vital systems or organ functions to survive, although their ambulatory functions do decrease as their level of decomposition increases. Sufficient physical damage can slow them down, or render them incapacitated. Compared to humans, zombies have rather limited mobility.

Unstimulated, zombies stand still, or shuffle around slowly. When in this state they are sometimes referred to as "lurkers," as they can quickly activate, attack and kill. Zombies can also be found lying on the ground or in piles of other bodies, and can appear to be dead until stimulated.

If they are pursuing a possible victim, zombies can move somewhat more quickly, roughly equivalent to a very light jogging pace. They can also lunge very short distances to grab close prey. They are difficult to shake off if they do manage to grab their victims, often allowing their arm to be ripped off before they will begin to let go. A reanimated body responds to stimuli such as light, scent, and loud noises. Oddly, even if the head is separated from the body, as long as the brain is intact, the head will still attempt to eat anything within reach.

The body of a zombie does appear to be truly dead, which means that it does not feel pain, has no reflexes, and wounds to it will not heal; its rate of decomposition slows drastically but does continue. It has been hinted at that newly reanimated corpses retain some basic sense of intellect and perhaps memory, and can perform very basic tasks such as opening doors.

They have no sense of self-preservation other than eating, and will not react at all to the deaths of other zombies or to potentially lethal dangers to themselves. Zombies instinctively bite whatever prey they come in contact with, but have also been observed clawing at, tearing, and even punching humans and animals in order to topple them.

They are only truly killed by destroying the brain, a common theme in many zombie variations. A severed head will remain animated and aggressive until the brain is destroyed or eventually disintegrates from decomposition. Fire has little effect on zombies, other than possibly angering them further, and normally lethal things such as acid or electricity also do little to impede them. They can be paralyzed if their spinal cords are severed, though this does not kill them, even if their heads are severed from the bodies.

Mostly, zombies are void of any emotional expression and thought.

When stimulated, whether by noise, sight of prey, or simply encountering a problem they cannot solve, such as being unable to open a locked door, they quickly descend into a state of murderous aggression. If they spot prey when stimulated, they can pursue them ceaselessly, showing ravenous hunger. They are not hunters, however, and take no concern in alerting their victims or trying to hunt them with intelligence, always seeming to roar, grunt, and growl whenever they are stimulated.

Zombies seem to be drawn to noise such as that of a gunshot , presumably because they attribute the source of the noise to be caused by potential victims. They have however occasionally been shown to be able to catch their victims by surprise, notably the walker who fatally wounded Dale Horvath which approached him silently and before pouncing him was only stimulated when Dale turned to see it. Zombies also tend to form groups and stick together, and mimic the actions of other zombies, giving them a mob mentality.

This can lead to zombies forming "herds," large hordes of zombies are far more dangerous and aggressive than smaller groups. In "Guts," zombies retain a further animalistic trait within their "herds," appearing to "sniff out" or examine new-coming zombies before leaving them be, as they do to Rick and Glenn, which may indicate that zombies seem to be able to familiarize themselves with their own kind and be cautious of ones they do not recognize. Newer zombies may rarely use primitive tools, such as using a heavy brick to smash a window, but none have any high-level abilities to use items in their environment.

10 Things We Learned From Neil deGrasse Tyson's "The Inexplicable Universe" Course | Mental Floss

They lack any remaining speech capabilities, and can only moan, grunt, or wheeze, as well as roar and scream when alerted. Zombies are not shown to be able to "communicate" with other zombies by any means, though they will frequently copy the actions they witness other zombies perform, such as bashing on a door or moving in a group, eventually forming a herd. In the beginning of the show we saw walkers do things like using a rock to help bash the doors in or turning a door knob, is there a reason we've stopped seeing them do that? Fresher zombies, which there were more of in season one, are able to do more than older, more rotted zombies.

Zombies prefer to eat anything dead or alive: animals and people. Zombies do not digest food. When their bodies are "full," the undigested meat will be forced out through the anus. Zombies are never shown in any media to exhibit cannibalistic tendencies, even after going through long periods without food, and only show interest in animals and living humans.

If the zombie loses the ability to feed, they evidently lose the desire to do so—a behavior observed in Michonne's pet Walkers. With their loss of desire for eating also comes with a loss of aggression and activity; unless present around other zombies, those who have lost the will to eat will remain quiet and lethargic, mindlessly walking in any given direction and paying no mind to humans. The presence of many zombies being partially consumed or missing limbs also indicates that zombies, though they seem perpetually hungry, do not always devour prey fully, meaning that, at least for a short period of time, can feel "full" and not want to eat.

Still, they can be driven to attack and consume live prey due to the sheer aggressiveness the reanimative contagion seems to have given them. It's been discovered by survivors that there are ways for them to blend in with zombies without being noticed. It's learned that when a person covers themselves in the scent of a zombie or corpse, other zombies can't tell the difference between them and one of their own.

The first camouflage method to be discovered was using the guts technique. By smearing parts of the body with zombie blood, a person is able to come across zombies undetected. Unfortunately there are two problems with this technique. The first problem is that the blood can easily dry up or be washed off, leaving you once again being noticed by passing zombies. The second problem is that zombies will attack regardless of scent if the user draws attention to themselves such as causing extremely loud noises or noticeably odd behavior for a zombie.

This technique was first discovered by Rick and Glenn as they were walking through Atlanta. The second known technique are "walker pets". By being in close proximity with a zombie without being bitten, the other zombies will instinctively assume the human is also a zombie. In the TV-Series, The Governor once noted that by,"walk[ing] with the biters, they think you're a biter". Although the user's close proximity with the zombie usually wards off the other zombies, they can still attract attention since their still scent is still exposed.

This technique was first discovered by Michonne who kept her zombified boyfriend and his friend in chains after cutting off their arms and jaws. The third known technique is zombie skin. Similar to the guts technique, the user masks their smell by skinning the skin off zombies and wearing them as clothing. While this is perhaps the best out of the three when it comes to camouflage as it can't be washed off and doesn't leave you exposed. However, they can still be attacked by zombies if they draw attention to themselves.

Additionally, unfamiliar survivors may shoot camouflaged humans, thinking that they are zombies. This technique is notably used by a group called the Whisperers. Also of note is that walkers tend not to notice or target those in advanced states of infection, as evidenced by Minerva being able to fall back into a herd in "Take Us Back" without any of the above-mentioned techniques. However, she was also shown to have a large amount of walker blood and gore on her body, likely from the carnage she was caught in earlier, which may have helped camouflage her, though the walkers did eventually take notice of her and attack her after she was shot by Clementine.

The following is a list of characters from The Walking Dead that have all died and reanimated as a zombie. The video game section shows all characters that can potentially turn undead, regardless of player choice. Fischer Annette Greene Mr. Jacobson Henry Caleb Subramanian Mr. John Kenny Jr.

Everett Assumed Mrs.