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Two thousand talon-riders were deployed on either flank riding scaled and feathered mounts. The Empire sent its vast army upon Icathia with riders on golden mounted chariots and hundreds of floating chariots ahead of the main force. Heavy wagons the size of river barques bore spinning globes orbited by flaming spheres and lightning. Nine Ascended lead by Setaka came on the heart of the army. The Icathians were winning against the enslaved and mercenary army of Shurima, but they began to be overrun by the might of the god-warriors.

What happened next sealed Icathia's fate. A "weapon", found in the underground after an earthquake, was used. With an explosion, arcs of purple energy ripped into the sky and lashed down into the Shurimans. A nightmarish light, sickly blue, and ugly purple smothered the world, pressing down from above and blooming up from somewhere far below. An abyss that bled purple light tore open amid the Shurimans, and Setaka was overcome by whipping cords of matter.

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She fought to free herself but the power of the Void proved too much for her. A pulsing light spread over her body like a hideous cocoon. Slick coils rose from the earth and from the air to seize the flesh of mortals.

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Men and women were swept up and enveloped, bodies dissolve as the tendrils of foul energy overwhelmed them. Booming cracks echoed as more and more chasms tore the landscape open.

Forming the Void – Wings Spread Over the Mountain!

The walls of Icathia were shattered by a note that split the earth. Geysers of dust and smoke erupted from within the city. Rock fell and earth split. Ancient towers and palaces were swallowed whole by the ever-widening chasms.

The VOID Is Where Virtual Reality Enters the Dying Meatspace of the Mall

Only rubble and shattered fragments remained, the Icathian capital reduced to a charred skeleton. The landscape before the city was twisting with unnatural motion, light spilled from the colossal rents torn in the ground, and alien sounds echoed from far below. The flesh of the Shuriman army had been obscured by pale, coiling ropes of hideous matter, its surface was undulant, and swelling blisters of glistening matter burst open with frothing birth-sacs that twisted and unfolded.

Their surface darkened, splitting where it hardened like a carapace. Viscous ichor spilled out as countless Voidborns came to this damned landscape.

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At the end of the battle the territory Where Icathia Once Stood became a Void taken wasteland from where the forces of the Void attacked every lifeform it encountered. The Shuriman Ascended fought against it for years, many god-warriors and even more mortals died at this war, but though the heroic actions of Horok, who found a way to end Void corruption destroying the Void hearts found far below the ground, where unknowabeastle horrors were hidden, the Ascended were able to seal the greatest rifts. Only the Ascended heroes returned alive.

In the great battle to seal the Great Rfit of Icathia, Sabeke and Sabake, twins ravens Ascended had teir minds shattered with a glimpse of the Watchers. Even though those were some of the most affected, all the Sunborn self given name to the Ascended who survived the war lost something on that victory. Nightmarish memories of this war would haunt them and reinforce their fall into Darkin. In the abyssal darkness, deep underground, it is believed that the first great Void creatures to walk the surface of Runeterra now lie, dormant and unseen.

If that is true, then they have waited patiently through the millennia, and it must surely now be time for them to rise once more. Latecomers may not be guaranteed their booked time slot. All guests must sign a waiver before entry. If under the legal age of 18, a parent or guardian must sign the safety waiver on your behalf. Shuri has recruited your team to test a powerful new prototype design combining Wakandan and Stark technologies.

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    Travel back in time to the Chicago World's Fair in and discover the monstrous horror tragically brought into the world. Tempt fate in groups of four as you discover frights, trials and adventure around every corner. Your goal is simple: explore the abandoned exhibits and don't get caught by the demon, Nicodemus.

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