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It's the cornerstone to success. If you stopped to think about it right now, the richest people in the world have created the most value. Hands down, it's crucial if you're looking to win. So why is value so important you ask? While some people might be able to sell anything, that doesn't guarantee long-term success. If you put your own needs first before the consumer's, you'll lose. Harrington says that whatever you sell, manufacture, create or dream up, do it with the consumer's best interests at heart.

In other words, add insane amounts of value. Think about this for a moment. Before most of the world's most successful companies ever made a dime, they added value first. Facebook connected the world through a massive social network. Google provided the most uncannily accurate search results before it ever enabled you to run an ad. And so on. Not only should you deliver real value, but you should look for ways that you can improve the lives of others with whatever it is that you're peddling. Sure, you could sell anything to anyone for a brief period.

But, if you're not improving the lives of consumers, you're really wasting your time. By building products, services or information that improves the lives of others, you can quite literally transform your business and catapult it into the stratosphere. We're talking long-term exponential growth.

How to Know the Secret of Success: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Beyond anything that you could quite possibly dream of. That doesn't mean you can't profit from your efforts.

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It simply means that you have to focus on improving the consumer's life first and foremost. That's the key or the secret to success here.

Focus on that and watch as your business takes shape and reaches new heights. Ignore it, and watch it crash and burn. No one likes a sleazeball.

The Real Secret to Success Isn't Really a Secret

You can't sell anything. Don't be that guy or girl that people dread speaking to. The used car salesman. The underhanded low-balling greedy saleswoman. Don't be that person. Just don't.

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Instead, if you really want to succeed, Harrington says that you should be authentic and transparent. Don't make unrealistic claims. People can see right through it. Instead, be honest about what your product or service or information will do. Use real-world reviews from people who've tested whatever it is that you're offering. Those testimonials go a long way. Whether you're audience is millennials or baby-boomers, everyone can tell when you're being inauthentic. People aren't stupid. So don't take advantage of them by trying to be or say something that's not true.

It's just a waste of time. While you shouldn't look to please everyone all the time, you should focus your thoughts on positivity. In other words, don't think negative thoughts. Yes, it's hard.

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But, it's necessary. If you begin to veer off to the realm of negativity, your entire life follows. Considering that we have upwards of 60, thoughts per day and a large degree of those happen in the subconscious mind, if you don't focus your thoughts on positivity, you'll feel like you aren't in control. You won't be in control of your destiny. And you certainly won't be able to make sales when you're in that headspace. Harrington says that it's one of the most important pieces of advice he gives to entrepreneurs.

You simply can't make progress if you're always focusing on pain rather than the pleasure of a positive outcome. Sure, business is hard. We all know that. But, it gets easier with time as long as you put in the work and keep a positive mindset. The Rule states that 80 percent of the results come from 20 percent of the efforts. In sales, this means that 80 percent of the sales come from 20 percent of the customers.

It also means that, within the 20 percent of efforts, another Rule applies. Of course it does. Luck influences where we are born, what access to education we have, who we marry, how healthy we are and what opportunities present themselves to us. Family support. Ability to do dull work… for years. Physical fitness.

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A moral compass. So at the end of all that, will application of the above principles make you more successful? Let me know how you get on. Your limousine awaits you Here is the Sixth lesson-. I have checked your successpot. But you can fix this issue fast. There is no duplicate content on our site.

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