Stone Cold Heart

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He told me he was innocent of his girlfriend's murder. He told me his wife was out to get him. What he didn't tell me was why. He has a history of cheating. He attended the party where his girlfriend was murdered. And so did his wife. Can I find the truth in the lies?

STONE COLD HEART by Caz Frear | Kirkus Reviews

Kinsella is back, as complex, interesting and finely written as ever. A gripping, layered story - and a last line that left me desperate to read the next Cat Kinsella adventure! Crime procedural at it's best - tough, twisty and uncompromising! Also, a brilliant, tough female protagonist who I loved.

Give me more female characters like this! If I ever get murdered, I want Cat Kinsella on the case. DC Cat Kinsella is a joy to hang out with, and the twisty machinations of the case she's investigating here make this not only a total page-turner, but a fantastically entertaining one too. A secret in Kinsella's past not only amps up the tension but also sets us up nicely for Book No.

I am chair-shaped after reading the whole thing in one sitting today. The final line leaves me waiting impatiently for the next book. The plotting is elaborate but controlled.

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Caz Frear releases everything we need to know at exactly the right time and it's all there if we know where to look for it. So good. Caz Frear has blown it out of the park with Stone Cold Heart. Loving it!

Incognito - Stone Cold Heart

Frear almost ties all these strands up neatly at the end, until Cat's past comes back to bite her again, leaving things ripe for book three. Cat's snarky attitude and youthful brashness are nicely balanced with her passion for justice and investigative skills.

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Robert Harris. In a House of Lies. Ian Rankin. The Long Call. Ann Cleeves. The Man With No Face. Peter May. Philip Pullman. Mass Market Paperback. Price may vary by retailer. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Table of Contents Excerpt Rave and Reviews. About The Book. At least she managed not to fall on her face. But Bella had gotten bored and wanted to go somewhere with a band. It was Sixth Street, after all—the nightlife capital of Austin, the live-music capital of the world, supposedly. Grace had sat beside Sierra at dinner and learned that she was an intern at a B-to-B marketing firm in Dallas—whatever that meant.

The woman had basically stopped talking once she figured out that Grace was not only underage but also a student at a podunk community college. They reached the bar, a warehouse-style building with a rooftop deck.

Stone Cold Heart: A Novel

A guitar chord ripped through the air above them as the band warmed up. Their entourage pressed close to Bella as she neared the door. He smiled and waved them in. A man bumped into Grace, jostling her sideways. Grace stepped around him just as the Rileys disappeared through the door. Grace rushed to follow, but the bouncer grabbed her arm. The bouncer plucked it from her hand, and Grace held her breath as he studied it. Actually, it was good.

It had a real Texas seal and a bar code on the back. The bouncer looked from the photo to Grace and shook his head. She looked sixteen, but she was thin and pretty. He barely glanced at her before waving her through. Burning with humiliation, Grace stepped away from the door. She looked up at the rooftop deck and took out her phone. Crap, what to write? She decided to go for lighthearted. Followed by three crying-face emojis. Would she come down and sweet-talk the bouncer? Round everyone up to go to another bar?

Yeah, right. A text bubble popped up as Bella started to respond. Then it disappeared. Grace bit her lip. She waited a minute. A bitter lump lodged in her throat. She should have known this would happen. Grace took a deep breath and texted again: no worries see you back at the hotel later! She waited another minute, but still no response.

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Clutching the strap of her wristlet, she set off down the street. Grace blinked back tears. The hotel was eight blocks away, maybe nine, and the straps of her shoes cut into her skin. She never should have come. She stopped on the corner and looked around. Where the hell was the hotel? It had to be close. She took out her phone to check the map.

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An SUV pulled over, its window rolling down. He wore a baseball cap and a blue button-down shirt that matched his eyes.