Reloading the 303 Epps

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You must be logged in to post to this forum. Login Now. After a successful new build of my on a P17 action. I am interested in a new build with the P So I am after opinions of what would be a good conversion. I could just re-barrel it and ream it to a.

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Easy to do and easy to fire form and better ballistics that the I already have a and the so something a bit different from the 25cals would be nice. My gunsmith has a P14 winmag that is super accurate, so that is a possibility. He also has the reamer. I welcome any ideas or thoughts. Quote this Thomas Kitchen Re:. Quote this Ben Grady Re:. By a large receiver is that the threaded part by chamber? My barrel is made to any dimensions, we me and gunsmith just let the barrel maker know the sizes for each part of the profile shape that we want.

I would have thought it would be similar to my P I have read a Epps improved is similar to a 's ballistics?. More homework required. I am open to any suggestions, sure I could just buy a new rifle in any caliber but what fun is there in that. Quote this Warwick Marflitt Re:. I'm with you when it comes to building something new from something old.

Shooting & Reloading the 303 British and the 303 Epps

And it shoots superbly. The Epps improved does intrigue me, especially with the P14 action and hotter loads. I am open to all ideas, as half the fun is analysing all the different cartridges. That's good to hear he's been around a long time so must be reasonable. He use to make rifles back in the day before the dollar was floated. What kinder bore size you thinking?

Might be easier to find bore size you want then find the cartridge. Have a look on Pacific tools and gauges at there reamers from memory there is about 4 different ones. Not sure if it would be possible to chamber barrel in then run something like Much like you were originally thinking for yours. My gunsmith can get the reamer no problem. Hugh can do the barrel and away I go. I am just trying to find out true ballistics etc for the epps in a P14 action. There is some in the accurate enfield book but for a no4 action.

Supposedly it betters the and close to the , but it could be biased data.

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So hoping someone in the know will chip in. Quote this Michael Rayner Re:. It's built off a No4 action so pressure is an issue so trying to keep it under psi according to quick load. The whole project has been on the back burner for over a year and a half at the moment until I can get my boyds stock from the US and a descent recoil pad.

It plain hurts to shoot it, anyway when I started I used starting loads less 2 grains cause that's how short on capacity I am from a case. From a 22 inch barrel, initial testing finished up with no sign of pressure.

Epps or Ackley Improved in Oz? - Shooters Forum

If I was you I'd screw on a barrel, and if I was me again I would have left my new barrel as a standard I already have a no4 that is a shooter so again looking at something different. Ben have you thought about trying to use a barrel rather then the somehow so that it opens up to a whole range of projectiles? Now on my mind is the Norma Magnum or the win mag. My gunsmith has done his own win mag on a P14 action so he knows exactly what needs to be done.

Would the Norma Magnum have noticeably less recoil? Keep the ideas coming. But with a ready supply of cheap brass I'd love to know what powders those guys were using in there No 4s Thomas. I was playing around with QL with those velocities, the pressure was making my eyes water.

Re17 was close though on corrected Ba, but it's hard to get. Quote this Nathan Foster Re:. Powder was ADI from memory. Feeding was an ongoing issue. The Lee magazine won't feed this properly. The P14 can be more user friendly. Michael has the right approach by setting fps as a safe point.

This is already fps above military loads for the parent. As I have said in Cartridges book and as Michael has said here, it pays to have an end goal. If you start by determining how the rifle is to be used, it can help the process a great deal.

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If your gunsmith has a soft spot for the. He accomplished this handily, and began modifying rifles at his gun shop in Ontario, Canada. At first, he "Eppsized" No 1s, No 4s and Ps. He found however, that because the action strengths were different, loads developed in Ps were dangerous to use in modified Lee Enfields. He preferred the P action, and told anyone wanting their Lee Enfield reamed to Epps not to expect the same velocities. Case life would still be vastly improved though.

He also warned customers not to use Epps reloading recipes unless they could absolutely confirm that they were safe. He regularly gave owners of Lee Enfield conversions handouts for the proper load levels in their rifles. Since he talked with anyone getting this job done, Mr Epps was sure that the right reloading information was being distributed. Author's Note - This was before the "sue for anything" days when people took responsibility for their own actions, unlike today, where if you can blame it on someone else, go ahead. In the 50s and 60s, as this new cartridge was becoming more widely known, reloading equipment manufacturers began producing dies and reamers for it.

Gunsmiths all over the world started offering this conversion. Heck, it was an inexpensive job, and very attractive to hunters that owned some sort of Is this a viable idea today? Is there any recent load data? Is it still viable? Why not? But I'd like you to consider the following. If it's a collector piece, then it's probably not a good idea.

Try and find a rifle that has already been chopped. The alteration should be considered as part of an overall plan. Many people forget that just because you improve a cartridge, you do not have to load it hotter than the original. I know that this will never be a popular position, but think, how many shooters complain about lousy case life, oversize chambers etc.? A Epps conversion gives you a normal chamber with the case enhancements discussed earlier.

These figures are for a and grain bullet respectively. These are shot from a No 4 Epps conversion. You should be able to squeeze a bit more velocity from a P Not bad for a beater. Is there any load data? Here's where I'll get the pouty faces. Not a lot of work has been done on this cartridge for about 40 years. Load data using IMR powders is available, but almost always for the P action. You must not use this for a No 1 or No 4!!!

A lot of new powders have been developed since the last serious work was done with the Epps.

Shooting & Reloading the 303 British and the 303 Epps

Where does this lead us? To a disappointing ending? Certainly not! I have some loads listed on this site, but there's a LOT more information!