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  8. I am the owner of this icon. Hidden categories: Disambiguation pages with short description All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. Like all fairies, Poof has access to reality-bending magic. Due to his young age and ignorance of Da Rules , Poof can sometimes use his magic to give Timmy benefits he would not be able to get with Cosmo and Wanda though this may have been due to the fact that he actually never used his rattle to grant the wish , such as cheating in soccer during the episode " He Poofs He Scores ".

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    Due to his youth, and presumably, lack of training, Poof's magic was initially uncontrollable, which is why he was sought to be captured by Anti-Cosmo and Head Pixie when he was first born. Also, Poof appears to have more than magical abilities, such as when he cries bad things happen, when he laughs good things happen, hiccups lead to natural disasters, burping leads to lightning and breaking the wind resets reality, similar to exaggerated time control. While as Poof's anti-fairy opposite Foop's "abilities" haven't been fully shown with the exception of good phenomena happening when crying and hiccups lead to nothing.

    Currently, Poof owns a magic rattle-like wand that focuses and controls his magic to a better degree. As a result, laughing, burping, and hiccupping often lead to nothing. He also seems to have better control of his magic when it comes to crying, but not as well as other emotional magic phenomena. As he is shaped like a basketball, he is capable of bouncing like one, such as when Timmy's parents bounced him off the floor when they temporarily adopted him In " Sooper Poof " and when he played a game of basketball at school.

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    7. It was announced that a new character would be joining The Fairly OddParents and that it would be a baby. Many fans guessed correctly that Cosmo and Wanda would be having a child together. Poof was born into the show in the special, " Fairly Odd Baby " when Timmy Turner wished that his godparents would have a child together since they really want to have a baby because they were paying attention to babies more than Timmy when he was doing one of his wishes.

      After a few months he was finally born. Among the many things Poof's birth revealed were that fairy babies have uncontrollable magic, and so no more have been wished for since Cosmo was born, a gap of thousands of years. Other magic races like the Pixies and Anti-Fairies sought to capture Poof to harness his uncontrolled magic for their own nefarious deeds. Poof's name and gender was obscured throughout the special until the very end, when his name was suggested by Timmy since it is the word he says most often and when he used a water squirter to squirt Wanda Timmy claims boys love water squirters.

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      Anti-Cosmo would later father his own son, Foop, the " Anti-Poof ". The first season that Poof appeared, he was mostly like a baby: dependent, relying on Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy for everything; and crying all the time. The episode, " Mission Responsible " saw Timmy putting himself through various dangers while trying to watch over Poof. By the time of Wishology, however, Poof was starting to do more, such as dressing up as a ninja, fighting and defeating The Eliminators as an effect of watching violent action movies. By the next season , Poof's magical abilities have improved to the point where he can grant wishes, sometimes even if Timmy doesn't really want them granted.

      Poof got himself in a myriad of adventures this time, including catching the Chicken Poofs and turning everyone in Dimmsdale into chickens, taking a trip to Yugopotamia , and helping Timmy Turner and his team the Dimmsdale Victims win their way to the soccer championship. Because Anti-Fairies are opposites of Fairies, it was the female who gave birth this time around instead of the male. When Foop was born, he could already speak and had stereotypical evil villain facial hair.

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      Poof and Foop eventually battled with each other, and Foop was defeated and locked in Abracatraz. Near the end of Season 7 , Poof began to attend Spellementary School, a pre-school for magical creatures where they learn how to control their magic powers.

      Poof's teacher is a friendly fairy woman named Mrs. Powers , and all of Poof's classmates adore him with the exception of Foop , who is also attending and constantly competing with Poof for attention and popularity. Around thirteen years after his birth, Poof is still just a baby fairy. The reasoning behind this may possibly due to Fairies aging and maturing more slowly than humans although no official explanation has been given yet.

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      Poof appears in CGI-animated form but not live action. Poof's role in the movie involves following his parents while they try to put a stop to Timmy 's budding relationship with Tootie if he falls in love with her, he will be considered to be an adult and will lose his fairies forever. Unlike his mom and dad, Poof does not seem to want to prevent Timmy and Tootie from getting together, and he later gives an "intense stare of guilt" to his parents to show them that it's wrong for them to prevent Timmy from growing up while they are trying to get him to grow up.

      There is also a subplot involving Poof speaking his first words, and, when he finally does at the end of the film, he speaks a complete sentence, full of slang, in the voice of Randy Jackson. The only similarities appearance-wise is that they are both male and that Poof has half of the eye color of Cosmo. Cosmo's is green, which is made of blue and yellow, and Poof has the blue part.

      They are very similar personality-wise.