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Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. April 14, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. My favorite and, reoccurring, experience with this issue of Shock Totem was reading a story that seemed unappealing for whatever reason , but then went on to kick all sorts of backside. The grand prize goes to "Highballing Through Gehenna. But I'm glad I stuck with this one.

Catalogue, Science Fiction & Fantasy: August

Once the foundation was set, it turned out to be a great read with a thrilling conclusion. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing more in a series of stories based in this world--which is high praise from me because short story worlds often wear out their welcome quickly. The tone made it obvious this was going for nothing like shock or terror, and that's the primary reason I read this publication. But I ended up loving how author Carlie St.

George constructed this one, using tropes in a way that made them not only refreshing, but emotionally affecting. The moment I got a whiff that this was set in the world of Frankenstein and his monster, I could feel my interest shriveling.

When an author uses another author's characters, all I see is glorified fan-fic. David Barber pulls it off, though. Ygor and his own theories of life and death turn out to be every bit as fascinating as his more famous collaborator's. My brain wrapped around its dystopian society of crime lords and thugs and chaos right away, as well as the lesser god, or demon, that haunted the woods where the story is set.

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Very effective, and I'm particularly impressed with the antagonist. Familiar, yet unique. John Skipp's "Depresso the Clown" was the biggest disappointment of the issue for me. No fault in his writing, the pace, or the structure, but the abrupt ending without a satisfying conclusion left me wanting more in all the wrong ways. Still, this is only a half-hearted complaint because I was thoroughly entertained and I respect what he was trying to do. All in all, another satisfying issue.

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Ken and crew did a great job. Foster's "Highballing Through Gehenna" both traverse surreal landscapes full of monsters and madness. WC Roberts, last seen in our third issue, returns with another mindbending slice of poetry, while newcomer Harry Baker's "Fat Betty" is a stark reminder that sometimes it's better to give than to take. You will also find conversations with Cody Goodfellow and rising star Adam Cesare, narrative nonfiction by Catherine Grant, an article by Joe Modzelewski, reviews, and more Come see why "Shock Totem" is billed as.. There is also a five-part, illustrated microfiction serial, by Kurt Newton, a conversation with horror legend Jack Ketchum, nonfiction by Nick Contor, reviews and more.

Clayton Rhodes, Steven Pirie, and eight others, plus one poem. Also conversations with D. Also includes nonfiction from Mercedes M. Yardley, a conversation with James Newman, reviews, and more. Religion takes many forms but the saving grace of God comes in only one form; his son Jesus Christ. This book briefly explores many of these paths of religion and reveals how to take the only true path to salvation. I was born in Roanoke Virginia, raised in a blue-collar family. As a child, I watched my dad, who was a mean alcohol loving man, turn into a loving, caring father who started talking about a man named Jesus.

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He instilled in me that Jesus is more than a man, but a loving God who is worth putting your all into. Nothing can change a person more than serving the risen Christ. Jamestyalor said:. OneHandClapping Shamefur dispray kiwifarms. Reactions: solidcloud , Syaoran Li , JohnDoe and 3 others. Sheryl Nome Listen to my song kiwifarms. Reactions: Syaoran Li , Dean Pentel , xyz and 1 other person. Zero Day Defense "When the rain washes you clean, you'll know OneHandClapping said:. The mediation order is just a smokescreen for Chupp as he desperately tries to find an exit to nope the fuck out of this tornado of idiocy.

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AnOminous I'm not mad at anyone, honest. Retired Staff. AnOminous said:. I think he seems pretty resigned to the actual situation at this point. SpiralStars kiwifarms. Tipsy Tea Cup I don't know everything. I just know what I know. KV's tactics up until now was always stalling and defaming Vic until somebody with a some sort of credible allegation came out. Time and time again we see KV in a position hoping Vic would drop the case due to the embarrassment and pressure. We saw this gameplan unfold when Marchi and Rial's messages were leaked. With the recent events, I can't help but speculate that Chupp has been in contact with Sharon Grigsby, who has been in contact with KV. There is no reason a normie would talk about "healing the anime community", that sounds like a line from Grigsby's and KV's agenda.

But why now? Why would he do that when the odds were finally against Vic in the public eye?

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This whole clown fiesta involves people who want to find the truth and people who want to hide the truth. Chupp clearly doesn't show any signs of wanting to find the truth. The conversation with Sam Johnson further shows that he is aware of the situation and turning a blind eye to it for some reason. All Chupp has done was enable the defendants to continue defaming Vic, these patterns repeat over and over. Last edited: Sep 23, Reactions: Syaoran Li , theworstkindofeurofag and Immaculate Ape.

Tipsy Tea Cup said:. Immaculate Ape said:.

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This seems more about Chupp attempting to avoid yet another series of unfortunate appeals, than any tin-foil conspiracy that a Republican Judge has with a lunatic Dem tabloid rag. Reactions: Syaoran Li and BimWitted. You must log in or register to reply here. Tags None. Top Bottom.