How to Pass Exams

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Put your phone in another room. Turn off the Wifi.

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Work on paper. If you need to fact check something online, start a list to look up later. You haven't got time to cover everything so pick a few areas to revise and tick them off a list. It's better to know a small amount well rather than nothing. You've broken your work up, now do the same with your time. Try to work in 25 minute blocks, with a five minute break at the end.


If you know there's a topic you find tricky allow yourself more time to go over it. If you get stuck, don't stress. Make a note and you can come back to it later if there's time. Procrastination happens. It's ok!

How to Pass Exams, Easily

Don't beat yourself up. Just get straight back to work and don't let it throw you off. Turn up Beyonce and have a quick dance. Allow yourself a whole three minutes to scroll through Instagram and Snapchat. Stroke your cat. When those minutes are up, force yourself to get back to it. Be strong! If you're staying up all night have something substantial and quick: cheese on toast, baked beans, Pot Noodle.

How to pass exams: simple study tips and revision techniques

Sip on some water whilst working to keep hydrated. Even if it's just your mum.

Don't start feeling like the walls are closing in around you. A quick phone call will remind you that there is life outside exams and that soon you will be back in the world of the living. It's 4am. Sleep is for the weak, right? You will perform much, much better the next day if you brain has had a chance to rest and process the information you've thrown at it.

Get your morning-person friend to call you. Set your least favourite song as your alarm. Once you're up, try to get stay alert. Take a cooler shower than you normally would, stick your head out the window to get some fresh air and make sure you have breakfast. Look over your notes on the bus or whisper and mutter formulae to yourself as your walk to the exam hall.

A+ EXAM TIPS: Cram studying the night before a test and passing!

Then smash that exam like the amazing human you are. Read everything through carefully and tackle the problems you know best or are worth the most points first.

Consult your teachers

Keep an eye on the clock and make sure you're not spending too much time on one section. Yay, you did it!

Try not to think about the exam - obsessing won't help anyone. Do at least 2 marks a day 20 marks Every time you solve a problem, try to unlock the hidden trick in the question. In every Math question, the examiner will set a trap for you. Always read the question clearly to understand all the instructions required. Group discussion.

2. Beat the teacher

Liaise with someone in your class who best understands the question or your Math teachers and learn from them whenever you get stuck. You can also use Shupavu Ask-a-Teacher to get help from our subject teachers. Example of how to tackle a Math question: Indices and logarithms Quadratic expressions and equations Watch how to solve Maths exams through this video:.

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