Hay Fever Remedies: Herbs and Homeopathy

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Studies on acupuncture for treating allergic rhinitis are, for the most part, poorly designed, although a few shows benefits over placebo. One study performed in children, using three months of acupuncture treatment and three months follow-up after treatment, did show benefits in those who received the "real" acupuncture.

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They still, however, required the same amount of medication for their allergies as the placebo group. Many medications used to treat various medical problems are derived from plants and herbs, including theophylline, which has long been used to treat asthma.

And various herbal supplements have been used to treat allergies and asthma, with only some showing benefit. Studies on herbs in asthma have shown benefit when compared to placebo, although many studies are poorly designed. Helpful herbs in asthma include Chinese herb mixes, Tylophora indica Indian ipecac , and to a lesser degree, Boswellia serrata , butterbur, and saiboku-to TJ On the other hand, Picrorhiza kurroa has not been shown to be effective in treating asthma.

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Studies on herbs in allergic rhinitis have been the more promising, with at least two studies on the use of butterbur in the treatment of allergic rhinitis. Another well-controlled study on perennial allergic rhinitis showed that biminne was effective for allergic rhinitis symptoms compared to placebo. Finally, a well-designed study showed that a Chinese herb mix was more effective on allergic rhinitis symptoms than placebo.

However, other studies using butterbur show no difference over placebo in treating symptoms in people with intermittent allergic rhinitis. Grapeseed extract was also not found to be helpful for treating seasonal allergic rhinitis. While herbal supplements do show promise in the treatment of asthma and allergic rhinitis, there are some clear drawbacks.

Homeopathic medicine for allergy rhinitis sinusitis and astma

Moreover, herbal supplements are not regulated by the U. Food and Drug Administration in the same manner as prescription medications, so purity is not guaranteed. Therefore, it makes little sense to take herbal supplements because they are safer than prescription medications. Homeopathy is based on the idea that diseases can be cured by giving the substance that causes the disease back to a person in extremely small amounts.

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This is similar to the principle used in immunotherapy , except in much smaller doses that have proven to be beneficial with using allergy shots. Three well-designed studies show little to no benefit of homeopathic remedies for treating asthma. Some studies show a benefit of homeopathy for treating allergic rhinitis, with a benefit over antihistamines, such as chlorpheniramine or equivalents to cromolyn nasal spray. However, numerous other studies show no benefit of homeopathy compared to placebo. Despite some encouraging results in some small, selected studies, the overall evidence for homeopathy is weak, while evidence for conventional medications in the treatment of allergic rhinitis and asthma is very strong.

More than patients with asthma were studied while being treated with "real" or "fake" chiropractic techniques. There were no differences between the two groups in terms of their asthma symptoms.

The hayfever treatments that really work | Daily Mail Online

However, studies on techniques, such as Buteyko breathing, Sahaja, Hatha, and Pranayama yoga fail to show any consistent improvement in asthma symptoms or definite improvement in lung function testing. No studies are available for allergic rhinitis. All studies reviewed on the use of biofeedback and hypnosis in the treatment of asthma were of poor study design and failed to show any benefit.

There are no well-designed studies on the use of aromatherapy, chromotherapy, Bach's flowers, anthroposophy, Hopi candles, hydro-colon, urine therapy, clinical ecology, or iridology for the treatment of asthma or allergic rhinitis. Therefore these techniques should not be considered useful. While it would seem reasonable to make CAM part of an overall treatment regimen, it does not make sense for these unproven techniques to replace proven conventional therapies for potentially serious diseases, like asthma.

Clinical trials suggest it works for respiratory conditions and it is a registered Class IIa medical device. It cleared my sinuses and I could breathe more easily.

TRY: Look on acupuncture. This is said to balance the flow of energy.

A Homeopathic Perspective on Allergies (respiratory)

A study in Germany showed that 85 per cent of patients on acupuncture and herbal medicine showed an improvement compared to those in a placebo group. Put the light emitting probes into the nostrils for three minutes, three to four times a day. A clinical trial showed 72 per cent of patients had a reduction in symptoms. I found it effective, though I was using it in conjunction with other therapies at the time. Hepa High Efficiency Particulate Arresting filters capture and remove the tiniest of particles.

Appropriate for severe hay fever. Look for those recommended by the British Allergy Foundation. There has been some positive evidence from laboratory studies for nux vom as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

Alternative Therapies for Allergies and Asthma

Eat honey from within ten miles of your home two months before the pollen season. It causes blood vessels to expand and skin to swell. Normally this allows immune system cells to be sent to the site of an infection.

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