Do You Really Want To Delete Yourself?

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  • 1. Delete or deactivate your shopping, social network and web service accounts.
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  • Delete your social media accounts.

Tired of the eerie advertisements that seem to cater perfectly to your personal history, hobbies and wants? What if you want to erase your online identity with no strings attached, which brings us to the question:. Even Facebook was the target of FTC privacy charges back in , accusing the social networking site of deceiving their users by telling them they could keep their Facebook information private, and then allowing it to be shared and made public.

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These experts on privacy admit and agree that not only should there be more innovation that closes the rift between consumer privacy and sharing practices, but there also needs to be new technology surrounding deleting your data from the web. Tricks to erasing yourself from the Internet.

How to delete yourself

For example, even after you delete your Facebook, some of your data traces may still remain, which is explained in their privacy policy. So what can you do? A tip for these situations is to delete every bit of your information from these sites, then link the site to a newly-created email address, and then delete that email address tedious, we know. Contact sites directly: You can also contact particular sites and companies that have your personal information and politely ask them to erase it again, tedious.

Can You Ever Really Delete Yourself From the Internet?

Before you submit a request, see our Removals Policies to learn what information Google will remove. Google Help.

Send feedback on Help Center Community. Google Search. Remove your personal information from Google Google Search shows information gathered from websites across the web. Contact the owner of the website To contact the website owner: Contact us link: Find a "Contact us" link or an email address for the site owner. This information is often at the bottom of the site's homepage.

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Find contact information using Whois: You can perform a Whois "who is? Go to google.

How to Commit Internet Suicide and Disappear from the Web Forever

The email address to contact the site owner can often be found under Registrant Email or Administrative Contact. Contact the site's hosting company: The Whois search result usually includes information about who hosts the website. If you're unable to reach the website owner, try contacting the site's hosting company.

Reach out to Google to remove sensitive personal information Google may remove personal information that creates significant risks of identity theft, financial fraud, or other specific harms.

2. Remove yourself from data collection sites

Information we may remove National identification numbers like U. Bank account numbers Credit card numbers Images of signatures Nude or sexually explicit images that were uploaded or shared without your consent Confidential, personal medical records of private people. Date of birth Addresses Telephone numbers. Remove other information Google also removes content for specific legal reasons, including copyright violation reports.

How to delete yourself from the Internet

Copyright violations: if you have found content violating your copyright, you can submit a DMCA takedown request. Other legal requests: Ask Google to evaluate a removal request under applicable law. What do you want to do?