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Nicholas Vargas is not at all happy about having a new stepsister, especially since Laurie is now in his bedroom and he is sharing a room with his aloof older brother, Julian. He is not amused when Laurie suggests that they search outside for faeries, which of course he does not believe in. Imagine his shock when he comes across a type of faery called a nixie. This particular nixie is in trouble because she is far from her pond.

She can't survive out of water, so Laurie and Nick rescue her by hauling her to the lake. As unnerving as that experience was, Nick is happy to have the whole faery episode behind him. But Laurie informs him that Taloa, the nixie, needs more help from them. Laurie persuades Nick into going to the lake to chat with Taloa, who wrestles him into the water. Nick is indignant at this treatment, but he is even more incensed when Taloa sings nixies sing instead of talk that she needs his help to find her sisters who fled when the forest burned.

When Nick refuses, Taloa croons that he will be sorry. Sure enough, when he reaches his father's car, it is filled with sand. MacHalo BR under our overlord's watchful eye I've been waffling between 4 and 5 stars and decided on 5 because it made me hate a lot of people and to still be Team Akil till the end. It starts out with Muse, a half demon blacksmith, getting a visit from a mysterious and rude blond man in a hideous red coat. Right afterwards, her shop blows up. Not cool. That's why you never trust someone who wears red leather trench coats, I mean, really, it's too heinous to let live.

So Muse is without her shop MacHalo BR under our overlord's watchful eye I've been waffling between 4 and 5 stars and decided on 5 because it made me hate a lot of people and to still be Team Akil till the end. Let's talk about Akil here. He's one of the seven demon princes of hell, score. He's the prince of greed, not the best, but it could be worse.

He could've been the prince of sloth; I bet that one is a bad lover. Akil, on the other hand, he has lots of energy for getting frisky, running his empire, scheming and plotting. He's sauve, charming, and you totally know he's not the hero of this book. Back to Muse. I'm kind of surprised she's still breathing and not dead or dead.

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She's stupendously broken inside and it's evident in her every interaction. It's pretty saddening and disheartening at times, ok, the whole book, how many pieces she's in. But she keeps trucking and trying to be normal. I'd personally like for her to get her killing on and I have a list all prepared for her. I did appreciate her vibrant temper and ease at fighting. The plot is all about someone trying to kill her in various ways and her running around with Stefan trying to escape death. Plus trying to figure out who wants her dead out of all her enemies and why. Lots of mysteries about Muse and everyone's motives.

I'm very meh about him. I don't condone love triangles and this book tempts my ire with such. I think the book lost me on Stefan when it said he wears a red leather trench and his car is rusty. Does he want tetanus with his ugly coat? Because that's what he'll be getting soon from all that rust. I can't say much about him because it'd be spoiler.

So meh to him. He never won me over. To the institute: Fingers crossed for more violence and murders in the next book.

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More Akil! View all 9 comments. Charlie is a broken person, a half-demon living some sort of human life as a lie. That doesn't last long since she has to run back to the master demon who helped her in the past early on. It goes without saying these were Urban fantasy demons, not biblical demons. The hierachy is well-structured, with a few masters on Earth who don a human disguise and are supremely power and politically connected.

Muse as a half-demon and half-human was previously treated as an abused pet in the underworld, so naturally she has no desire to go back and wants only to cut off that connection. The story is basically a go back-and-forth on who she can trust. Ebooks and Manuals

One chapter she thinks she can trust Stefan, then the next chapter she can't. One chapter she can trust Akil, then the second chapter she can't. Are they working together? Yes they are but Stefan is just pretending to work with Akil while being on the side of others. Wait, he's just pretending to pretend to trick Muse. Wait Akil knows. Wait, he just thinks he knows.

Wait, these others are in on it. Good grief! This book is ultimately hard to put down because it's one of those back and forth soap operas that has more twists and turns than a rollercoaster. That's the base of the story right there. When to be paranoid and when to find the paranoia is justified. Character wise I didn't mind Muse - I don't need the main female character to be totally tough as nails, so her emotionalism didn't bug me. The men are stimulating but a little stereotypical. I have a pet peeve when a person's powers can be subdued or controlled too. The writing style isn't bad, the pacing is strong, but the storyline isn't the greatest and how the characters relate to each other ends up holding the story.

I won't continue with the series, one ride on this coaster was enough, but I don't regret trying it on. This is how I found Pippa DaCosta for the first time. Now I didn't enjoy the book quote as much as Sarah and looking at the reviews for this title, I'm not the only one. But I really enjoyed the world 3. Most of the poeple who didn't like the book didn't like her and I can see why, but her personal failures are things she's working on, even progressing somewhat by the end of this offering. She's learning to know herself in the fullest sense and it's a journey I want to see.

The problem with having a totally badass heroine from the start is that they never have far to go, it then becomes a series of power building exercises. Or an emotional change a la Kate Daniels. Now the next instalment is taking us all to the netherworld. This takes it outside the rules of the normal world and I think it'll give the book that extra fizz missing from this one. Seriously, after meeting Ilona Andrews 's Kate Daniels, other heroines seem like huge crybabies.

Muse is just meh! Just make up your mind already, woman! Akil is the bad guy. No, Val is the bad guy. Wait, Stefan is definitely the bad guy. And she cries so much and whines I thought she was a bad-ass. She's just an abused little girl lacking confidence in herself. No, just no! You have demons and no positive counterpart? View all 11 comments.

This isn't my first introduction to Pippa DaCosta, but it is one of her earlier series. I liked this book, and think it's a decent start to a series, but it's definitely not up to the level of writing skill that I've read by her previously. And therein lies my problem. The technical skill involved in writing a book is one that's often overlooked, because when it's good it just fades into the background and becomes a unnoticed non-issue. But when it's lacking, it is much more obvious.

And it was o This isn't my first introduction to Pippa DaCosta, but it is one of her earlier series. And it was obvious here. I struggled with sections, paragraphs, and transitions. I struggled with word choices and thoughts. It was hard to follow what characters were thinking, and why. I was thrown out of the story more than once because of the way the words were strung together - they just didn't make sense or flow. All of that takes away from what is a really interesting premise. Demons exist and are living in our world. But it's not their world. Their world is just beyond the Veil.

They apparently have control over elements, which they draw from the environment around them, and can cause widespread destruction. They also may have some other random powers. And there's the rare ability to be a half-blood - though most are killed immediately And that's about the extent of what I know about the world. Which is another problem for me. Speaking of Muse: why wasn't she killed like most half-bloods? I hope that's something that's covered in the future, because I would really like to understand more about the dynamics there.

Muse and I struggled. I don't think she's weak, like I've seen some other people say, but she's definitely a bit passive. A big part of that is that she needs to hit rock-bottom, per se, before she realizes exactly what she will and will not live without. So I get it, and I can love the character growth, while at the same time it frustrated me. I don't like passive characters, characters that let things happen to them, or wait for someone else to make a decision or the first move.

Still, by the end, Muse is taking charge and I'm excited to see her exact her revenge - on everyone that deserves it.

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And her demon is awesome as hell. Thankfully, I've got book two loaded and ready to go. View all 27 comments. This was a fun UF that never quite managed to be as good as it threatened to be. It had plenty of action and romance, which I loved, but the story moved in a direction I would have preferred it did not! Half demon Muse thought she had escaped her old life among the demons. She has been living a quiet life in the human world for the last 5 years, but that is shattered when the mysterious Stefan walks into her place of work demanding her help.

She refuses him, but knows her quiet life is over. Soo This was a fun UF that never quite managed to be as good as it threatened to be.

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Soon Muse is being dragged back into the world of demons and is forced to turn to her old boyfriend, Akil the Prince of Greed and one of the Seven Demon Lords of Hell , for help. Can she trust the Demon Prince? And what about the mysterious Stefan who always appears when she most need him? I liked the world. Humans are aware of the existence of demons, but not aware of how powerful they really are. I loved the fact that the demons took human shape in the "real" world and tried to blend in. The demons have a realm of their own which I'm eager to learn more about!

Demons rank as the coolest of the paranormal creatures so I was delighted our main character was a half demon who could switch between her human and demon nature. I enjoyed the mix of action and romance. It was exactly what I was expecting.

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I also really liked Muse as a character. She was a complex character. She has a tough upbringing among the full blood demons and was left a bit timid and vulnerable as a result. However she developed well as the story progressed and showed plenty of bravery when her back was to the wall. I took a bit of time to warm to the mysterious demon hunter Stefan, but I eventually did. Akil was the most fascinating character, but it is tough to say much about him without spoiling the story! Overall I enjoyed this, but would have been a lot happier if we learned a bit more about what motivated both Stefan and Akil to act as they did.

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Rating: 3. Audio Note: Hollie Jackson was not the best narrator I've ever heard, but nor was she the worst. This was pretty good. It would have been 4 stars but the ' is he double crossing me? No he isn't- yes he is- no he isn't- went on too long. Not sure if I'd continue the series View 2 comments. Well, this one is hard to rate. The characters were idiots most of the time! They did so many illogical stuff! Gah, and she is a half-demon chick demons being always the bad guys here , she trusts no one, yet she is amazed when others don't trust her.

She keeps complaining about every little thing! I mean, ok, I get it. Your life sucked. Then do something about it! Her reactions are the ones of a 5year old! So why 3 stars an Well, this one is hard to rate. So why 3 stars and not 2? Well, it didn't deserve 1. I liked the idea badly written, but good idea. And I absolutely loved the ending! It really wasn't what I expected! But he betrays her! He sends her to her death! Ok, he's sorry about it, but it was a damn nice change!

So, yes, because this book managed to surprise me, it deserved 3 stars. Well played DaCosta, well played. Muse, it wasn't you, it was me. I've been in a big reading slump lately and I just haven't been in the mood, so feeling forced made me less interested in you than I normally would have been. Will you give me another chance soon, and I'll pick up book two once I'm out of this slump?

I'm pretty sure I'd really like you. Sincerely, Me. Actual Rating 3. I was entertained. I'll move on to the next installment. Devil May Care The Veil 2 - 1. Why are the baddies always more appealing to me. ARC from Netgalley, thank you very much. The story flowed well and was not uninteresting. But that was pretty much it from there on. The plot never picked up for me after that. I did not particularly like Muse, she behaved too much like a victim for me. The kick-ass heroine, that I was hoping for, never emerged. She ended up in this love-hate-triangle with two pretty much interchangeable guys, who in turn asked her for trust and then betrayed her f ARC from Netgalley, thank you very much.

She ended up in this love-hate-triangle with two pretty much interchangeable guys, who in turn asked her for trust and then betrayed her for real or seemingly so, making her and the plot feel like a boomerang. And she just kept going back, crying and asking to be hurt some more. Not working for me. The institute felt like an after-thought, to give a framework to hang the next books onto.

Didn't buy the character of Nica, thought the metal-reading talent of Muse wasn't properly explored and found neither of Muse's love interest sexy. The description of her demon and its powers breaking out of her felt repetetive. Disappointing all around. The book was well written, there were some great ideas, but the story and the characters just didn't do much for me, sorry. View all 6 comments. I received this book through the first reads giveaway on GR.

First off, the cover is absolutely beautiful and fits Muse perfectly. Everything on the cover has significance in the story. I fell in love with this book from the beginning. You jump right into Muses life as soon as you start reading, it's extremely easy to follow.

DaCosta provides info and gives tons of details as each scene unfolds so there isn't any info dumping:. The characters themselves are incredible, there is a ton of det I received this book through the first reads giveaway on GR. The characters themselves are incredible, there is a ton of detail as to what they look like, both in human and demon form to really give you a good sense of them. Her characters are anything but flat. Muse is a perfectly imperfect character, there is no illusions of her perfection, strength or beauty in this book.

She's definitely relateable and has so many dimensions to her, she grows and develops as the story moves along. The insanely attractive and playful leading men are both alphas, but couldn't be more polar opposite of each other. Beyond The Veil is very well written and balanced. There aren't any inconsistencies in the story, or info dumping, and the plot is very strong. All of Muses relationships develop naturally, we aren't rushed into believing she suddenly falls in love with some guy!

The ending has left me wanting more, I'm thrilled the next installment will be out soon:D! I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone that enjoys any type of fantasy or is just looking for a different type of story. It's definitely worth reading. View all 16 comments. I think I need a glass of wine. This book was the closest I came to DNF. I couldn't stand this book and didn't like any of the characters.

All this "you don't know what I'm made of" shit throughout the book and I'm wondering if she even knew. Add in two alpha males and a mix of insta-love and poof, a recipe for disaster. None of this shit made any sense I think I need a glass of wine. None of this shit made any sense whatsoever. And the writing. The writing was so over the top it was ridiculous. Put the damn thesaurus down and give me a story! Shelves: badass-heroine , mother-of-all-plot-twists , unputdownable , paranormal , read , sexy-times , 1st-in-series , badass-hero , totally-unexpected , freaking-cliffhanger.

BTV is good UF, it goes stright to the point without nonsense and shit. The MC is a badass and the two guys are exactly what a UF fan needs. Shelves: urban-fantasy , buddy-reads , br-bbb , angels-and-demons , fantasy , favorites , br-machalo , br-machalo , br-bbb Nope, I wasn't wrong in my original rating. In fact I would like to rate it even higher now but alas there's no more stars to give : Muse is an awesome character but it takes a while for her to reach her potential so if you're thinking of DNFing this book because she comes off a bit too weak and naive here just give the next book a try, okay?

I promise she improves and by the time this series ends she's one hell of a badass. The thing I like most about this series is the ambiguity of the characters. There are no clear cut lines of good and evil. One moment you're rooting for one guy and in the next you want him dead and pray that the other guy would kill the first and then boom! And this crazy seesaw continues through all of the books. And I absolutely love it! Just like I love all of the book to the point of being blind for any flaws : Original review Buddy read with the MacHalos.

The DaCosta cult has a new convert! This was absolutely amazing! I loved every single page of this book! The worldbuilding, the characters, the story - all were mindblowing. How have I lived without knowing this awesomeness??? Muse is a half-blood demon trying so hard to have a normal life. And for a while she had it. But then her ex finds her. And plays with her like a smug overfed cat that's too bored with life. Because he can and little Muse hurt his manly feelings when she left. No one leaves a Prince of Hell after all! So while gripped by crippling insecurity, surrounded by betrayal on all sides, she has to find her backbone and rip all of her preconceptions about life and her place in it from her eyes.

With a little help from a dashing half-blood of the opposite element as a dubious ally. The story is so all consuming that once you start you are instantly transported into that world and it keeps it's hold even after the last page. It creates an instant addiction. One you're more than happy to get lost in. View all 8 comments.

After years of being passed around from one demon to another, Charlie Muse who is a half demon has managed to gain her freedom. But demons don't give up their possessions willingly and she finds herself once again battling for her life. Beyond the Veil doesn't have the strongest start. But it improves dramatically and by the halfway mark I found myself eager to see how it all ended. The men in After years of being passed around from one demon to another, Charlie Muse who is a half demon has managed to gain her freedom.

The men in this book aren't all that well written, they're kind of cookie cutter stereotypes but the women I think there might only be two are interesting and save the book from mediocrity. Beautiful cover! I really enjoyed Pippa's writing style and loved Muse. Some books just appeal to you from the very first chapter and that's what happened to me with Beyond the Veil. I wasn't disappointed. This is a fast-paced, fascinating UF adventure filled with wild twists and crazy turns that were often unexpected. The heroine, Muse, is a mixture of demon and human, something that is despised in the Netherworld and makes her a target for powerful demons who want to destroy her.

Her own pure demon brother, Valenti, hates her and tries to kill her whenever he has the chance. These are some seriously nasty and unsupportive family dynamics She manages to live a rather quiet, peaceful life for almost five years before her past comes back to devastate her with a vengeance There is no such thing as normal where Muse is concerned. She doesn't know, from one moment to the next, who to trust or what to believe.

Neither does the reader. Not only is she fighting for her life, but also to prevent a fate she feels is worse than death I enjoyed the dynamics between the various characters and the tension, both sexual and otherwise, that was created by all the question marks that continuously came up on this journey. I had many moments where I was cursing certain characters out and felt almost as betrayed as Muse did when I believed one thing only to learn another. Nothing is as it appears Such a roller-coaster ride! I'm looking forward to continuing on with the Veil Series as I sense I've really just begun to scratch the surface.

I know that things are only going to get more crazy and intense as I go. My gut tells me Muse is a lot more powerful than even she knows and that it's only a matter of time before that truth comes to light. I suspect there is some serious ass kicking to come Half demon, half human hybrid Charlie has lived her life as a slave to Demon kind.

With a price on her head, her only benefactor has been the Demon Prince of Greed.

She finds herself on a run with hell hounds hot on her trail. Rescued by another half breed, Charlie discovers lies and betrayal come at a devastating cost. I was very excited to read this new Urban Fantasy, Beyond the Veil. Awesome cover, excellent synopsis, it had all the makings of an incredible read.

I'm all for twisty, turning plots but these changes gave it a scattered feeling which inevitably ripped my connection right out of the story. Great premise, excellent start, but unsure of the plot direction, I'm willing to give book 2 a shot to see where it leads. Uf, there were so many good things and so many things that didn't work for me In a demon world halfies are considered to be monstrosities, abnormal and just wrong. Demons despise them with a heat of thousand suns.